Unfortunately these day's Illegal Drug use became almost uncontrollable. You can find it everywhere in Homes, Schools and on the Streets, “Drugs” are defined as Chemicals that alter the frame of mind and the normal way that a human body works. We always hear these words “Drugs are very Bad” but as a Parent just saying to your Kids the words “Drugs is Bad” is not good enough. They want to know whats not good and why its not good what are the names of these drugs so they know whats not good for them. So How And What Do You Tell Your Kids ? How can you go through with them the long list of drugs and explain them why it dangerous and what it can do to the body if taken?. We put together a list of some of the drugs that people should be aware of, it could be a long list and a lot of information,
But after all it's for their benefit as well as yours. First you need to explain to them what illegal drugs are and then why they are illegal and why using them could be dangerous. As mentioned earlier you should tell them that drugs are chemicals that alter the frame of mind and the normal way the human body works. Illegal Drugs is also dangerous because they damage the Heart, Brain and many other Organs, that’s the main reason why they are Illegal. Also while using drugs people are not able to function normal and they can do many dangerous things that can damage or harm themselves or people around them without even knowing that they have done it.

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